Hurricane Irma

Dear MMC Patients:

We at Miami Medical Consultants are monitoring Hurricane Irma in our efforts to keep you safe and healthy. Here is some important information we have put together for you. These phone numbers might come in handy during the storm.

Miami Medical Consultants physicians and staff cell phone numbers:

Robert Cava, M.D. 305-733-6849
Jacqueline Miodownik-Aisenberg, M.D., PhD - 305-546-2638
Gloria Nunez-Turkel, ARNP - 305 321-9017
Patricia Arosemena-Romero, Office Manager- 786-202-0155
Miriam Yruretagoyena-Anderez, Senior Patient Care Coordinator- 786-285-9277

Please note: Miami Medical Consultant’s offices will be closed on Thursday, September 7th, Friday, September 8th. Hours of operation for Monday are yet to be determined.

If you have a medical emergency, please call us to guide you. if you can’t reach us please know that every emergency room is staffed and ready to take care of emergencies.

Preparing a Medical Information List/Kit:

Medication List
The most important step to maintaining your health during a disaster is to monitor your symptoms and prepare in advance with a complete medical information list. Information that needs to be included:
    Copies of health insurance cards and the hospitals that you can access.
    List your food and drug allergies and sensitivities, and any communication or cognitive difficulties you may have.
    Medication necessities:
        Names of all medications, including over-the-counter.
        At least a one to two week supply of essential medications.
       Ask about the shelf life of your medications and the temperatures at which they should be stored. This helps ensure that a medicine's effectiveness does not weaken if you experience a power outage.
    Important Supplies:
        Water: at least 1 gallon daily per person for 3 to 7 days
        Food: for 3 to 7 days. Include non-perishable items.
        First Aid Kit
        If you need oxygen at home, please make sure your oxygen provider delivers an adequate supply of portable tanks for at least two weeks.

Please stay safe during the storm.

Miami Medical Consultants Team