Frequently Asked Questions

1Is there a limit to the number of office visits?
No. You will have unlimited access to appointments through our concierge program.
2Is this for me if I’m generally healthy?
Yes, although you are healthy, we practice preventive medicine to keep you healthy. We address your questions on preventive medicine and track your standardized testing. We discuss confidential health issues in a private and supportive manner. We all have issues whether we know it or not; our goal is to have a full picture of your baseline health status and work towards keeping you well.
3What happens when my doctor is unavailable or out of town?
We take great pride in assuring that on- call covering physicians share our practice philosophy and are available at all times. All of our providers have access to your electronic medical records and they have excellent communication via cellular phone or email. We encourage our patients to get to know our physicians.
4I am a new patient. May I meet the doctor before committing?
You may make a “get acquainted” appointment before making a commitment. No retainer fee will be requested for this first visit. Charges may be submitted for professional services if appropriate.
5Will my insurance cover the cost of the Concierge Fee?
No. Our Concierge Fee goes beyond what is normally covered under insurance plans. The patient is responsible for this charge. Families find that sharing this expense for their relative brings peace of mind.
6May I deduct the retainer from my taxes as a medical expense?
We recommend that you check with your tax adviser.
7Am I required to pay the retainer in one lump sum?
Payments may be made in annual, semi-annual, or quarterly installments. We welcome credit card payments.
8Is the retainer transferable to another family member if I decide to discontinue the service?
9What happens if I am vacationing and I have an emergency or run out of my medications?
Depending on where you are, we may be able to order medications. We have the advantage that we know you and we have access to you electronic medical records. We are available 24/7 to assist you or anyone in dealing with an emergency away from home. We can provide a flash card with your complete records to take with you anywhere you go.
10Can I communicate with my doctor over text or email?
Yes. We place great importance on maintaining good communication with our patients and we welcome text messages (after hours or on the weekends) as well as email. Please consider:
  • Our physicians cannot answer phone calls other than emergencies or respond to text messages and email while seeing other patients. Messages may not be seen until late in the day. Please call us at (305) 669-0690 if you require prompt attention from our healthcare providers.
  • The best way to reach the on-call physician after hours is by calling the office at (305) 669-0690 and leaving a message in the “URGENT/EMERGENCY” voicemail box.
  • You may leave routine messages such as requests for medication refills or appointments in the general voicemail box. You should receive a response on the next business day.
  • We always have the best of intentions and we strive to return all our messages. We humbly request that you call again if you do not receive a timely response.
Please let us know if there is any opportunity for us to serve you better.