Established 1948

Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

We are a medical home dedicated to excellence in the comprehensive medical care of adolescents and adults through all phases of life. We deliver preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and palliative strategies with a commitment to prompt and honest communication. We serve as a hub for efficient coordination and sharing of information among the specialized medical professionals and services our patients may need from time to time, and as an advisor in the course of complex health care decision making.

Our Vision:

We are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards including dedication to transparency and avoidance of all conflict with our goal of patient advocacy, apparent and actual. We are dedicated to maintenance and expansion of our skills and credentials, service to our profession and community.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

Open: 8:00am

Close: 4:00pm

Available by phone 24/7

Why Choose Us?

We serve a limited number of patients so you will have access to the doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
You’ll also benefit from the highest standard of medical care and personal service, including:

A Letter to Our Patients

Dear Patients:

Email and cell phone text messages

We place great importance on maintaining good communication with our patients. Please use our HIPPA compliant Healow app to communicate with providers on matters not requiring immediate response, or call to speak with office staff. We discourage email communications as we have had difficulty with messages going to spam or being overwhelmed by the volume of extraneous email. We strongly discourage text messaging and request that patients not rely on text as a means of communicating with providers or other staff.

After hours urgent matters are best managed by direct telephone conversation. There is an urgent mailbox on our office phone, and you may use providers' cell phones, but please do not rely on voice mail.

Please consider:
  • Our providers cannot respond while seeing other patients unless there is an emergency requiring interruption. Messages may not be seen until late in the day. Please call us at (305) 669-0690 if you require urgent attention from our healthcare providers.
  • The best way to reach the on-call physician after hours is by calling the office at (305) 669-0690 and leaving a message in the "URGENT/EMERGENCY" voicemail box. Please refrain from requesting appointments or medication refills after hours.
  • You may leave routine messages such as requests for medication refills or appointments in the general voicemail box. You should receive a response on the next business day.
  • We always have the best of intentions and we strive to return all our messages. We humbly request that you call again if you do not receive a timely response.
Please let us know if there is any opportunity for us to serve you better.

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